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"My graduation thesis on motivation and remuneration in hospitality was the result of 12 years of co-managing the La Cantina restaurant, which my family opened 12 years ago. In addition to running the family restaurant, I am also in my second year of the post-graduate program on HR management at the Maribor Faculty of Economics and Business. I am a foodie and a traveler. I share this passion with my partner, so we spend a lot of time on out travels trying traditional, modern and trendy dishes. Food can reveal a lot about a country. This is what inspired the project. It is time we put our environment’s potentials and resources to good use. I believe that working together can get us very far, and that this project could help us build a community open to new challenges."




"I am a level 2 sommelier. I come from a wine and fruit growing family, and I developed passion for wine growing and making at a very young age. I also grow and sell walnuts. After graduating, I got a job at the Vinag wine company, where I worked at different positions, as a salesperson in the domestic and foreign markets, sales promoter, retail facilitator in tourism, guide through the cellar, a taster and sommelier. I worked closely with visitors from home and abroad, and learned that Maribor has a lot of potential to become a popular travel destination. Alongside its cultural and historical heritage and tradition, Maribor can also offer abundant local cuisine, a diverse culinary scene, and a lot of knowledge about food and wine. Let’s show foodies what Maribor has to offer!"




“Tasting Maribor photographs are selected from the series Soft HDR Maribor, which has been in the making since 2012. They depict the city during different seasons, in different light conditions and moods, inviting locals to compare internally and showcasing city sights using a non-classic perspective for tourists. The basic concept is street photography with the focus on architecture instead of people. It is a locally upgraded – softened and additionally colour-adjusted – HDR style of photography, which depicts the focus object in detail, adding a note of spatial ambiance using colours. As a curator and photographer, I also expand on classic curator activities with activist, photographic, multimedia and internet projects.

The selected photographs are available as prints on premium art paper in three different sizes at You can follow the developing photographic story of our city on Instagram at

nina kurnik College of Visual Arts Ljubljana


A BA visual artist

Being curious about the visuals all around has been something I just do.  All my life. My first choice to spend afternoons was always something I ended up doing A LOT in my life. I have always had a kind of special relation to colours and compositions, shapes and athmosphere which is given by the whole image. I am revealing my perceptions and also my imaginary world through painting and illustration -  both linking with design and photography. My showcase manners in drawing are charcoal drawings of figures on big formats, watercolor animals and nature.

Graduated of College of Visual Arts Ljubljana. I work as a freelance artist designer, mostly in advertising. Projects like: Ljubljana Fashion Week “on show” illustrations (September, 2016), ’Eliminating Imaginary’ for Pristop advertising Agency (June, 2016), Souprise Tozd Campaign (April, 2016 - nomination for best Illustration in advertising at Slovenian Advertising Festival - SOF) creating the concept and visuals for digital story of Vila Mravljevi (August, 2016) and finally, to illustrating the new covers for Aero Slovenia.

You can follow  me on Instagram







Traveller, local guide

I come from a small family in which the most important values are kindness and empathy. That is the reason why I like to gather a lot of different experiences from different people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. I studied tourism by the beautiful coast of Slovenia at the Faculty for tourist studies – Turistica Portorož. I worked in the mystical lands of Wales, travelled through most of Europe and explored a bit of the northern part of the New world. As a person I am always thirsty for more knowledge, different experiences and mostly new people who willingly share their past lessons from their lifes. To all the people who will come to try all the delicacies this beautiful town has to offer, I solemnly swear to tell all the stories, myths and legends of my hometown to entertain you during. When we travel we expand our horizons so as to not just see black and white, but all the facets of the rainbow.



BA, local guide

I'm a die-hard travel lover with an inability to stay home for long, and a translator in the making, currently wrapping up my translation studies at the University of Graz. I see languages as a key to the world, which is just waiting to be discovered, and a window into that which we would otherwise call foreign. I have a keen interest in different cultures, and my travels have taken me as far as Japan. I also find myself drawn to the British Isles again and again. But I also believe there is nothing quite like coming home, retuning to the same place gain and again no matter how your travels have changed you. Maribor is that home for me, and I would love to share the town and all its charm with everyone who’s willing to open themselves to the experience.

Product Presentation

Food tours will take visitors through Maribor’s old city center. Themed tours with local guides will explore Maribor’s foodie scene in popular local restaurants and bars, and visitors will get to hear the stories of local people, enjoy the medieval architecture, and talk about the history and modern challenges of the Slovenian nation. We brought together the best the city has to offer: its remarkable wine-making tradition, diverse local and national cuisine, fun and relaxed events in the city, and eco farms from its surroundings. We will give you more than just a food tour, and this is doubtlessly no regular city tour..


  • Tasting of various representative dishes from different Slovenian regions.
  • Tasting of local wines from the Štajerska region.
  • Slovenians are discovering new beer flavors. Discover different local craft beers in the hottest local bars.
  • Take a walk on the tasty side of Maribor.
  • Discover Slovenia with your taste buds.


Project Vision

To highlight the important role that cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants play in the revitalization of the city center, and their value as unique tourist sites, not only for locals, but also visitors.


Tasting Maribor

The tastes of Maibor through the eyes of a local

The La Cantina restaurant, Vladimir Fatur s.p., responded to a call for tenders for the co-funding of the development and the promotion of integrated tourism products published by Slovenia's Ministry of economic development and technology. We received the funding for the project called Tasting Maribor –- the tastes of Maribor through the eyes of a local. The project is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

The aim of this project is to develop and promote integrated tourism products by following the principles of sustainable development and digital marketing.

The aim of the integrated tourism product is to:

  • let visitors experience Maribor through the eyes of a local
  • present our cultural heritage as it is experienced by the locals
  • present our local cuisine as in it is experienced by the locals
  • establish sustainable connections with our partners improve the competiveness of the market and subsequently to revitalise the old city centre
  • offer a wholesome experience to the visitors of our city
  • promote Maribor as a tourist destination
  • follow the goals of the long-term tourism development strategy in Maribor
  • indirectly enable a longer stay in Maribor


The goals of implementing a new tourist product are to:

  • actively discover the tangible cultural heritage of Maribor
  • actively discover the intangible cultural heritage of Slovenia through cuisine
  • create an integrated, competitive tourism product
  • generate revenue from international visitors
  • increase revenue from the company’s operation
  • increase the number of our employees
  • promote employment at the companies of our project partners
  • penetrate new foreign markets
  • increase the visibility of the destination
  • increase the visibility of the local character of the destination and the sustainable aspect of tourism


The project will last until December 2019 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia.
You can read more about the European cohesion policy in Slovenia at




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