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Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers


Do you have some serious beer fans among your friends and family and need to decide what to gift them?

Christmas is approaching fast, and many of us struggle with finding the perfect present for our loved ones year after year. If you know a beer enthusiast or two, you might have already resorted to gifting them the good old six pack at some point. Maybe you’ve brought them some beer from your travels abroad too. While that can certainly be a lovely gift, you might be looking for something a little closer to home now. Do you want to hear our ideas? Read on!

Let them Choose Their Own Beer with Pre-Paid Gift Cards

This is a great idea if you’re not completely sure what kind of beer the giftee would like, or you simply want them to have a choice. La Cantina Center offers different beer tastings at the beer fountains in their beer garden. The taps are fully automatic and operated with the help of a pre-paid card—which you can purchase for your friends and family.

Different cards are available. Does your giftee prefer to sample beers but doesn’t drink much? Get them a card that lets them try 1 dlc of eight different beers. Do they want to properly enjoy their drink as well? Buy a card that will let them have a whole pint of every beer on offer.

All available combinations:

Where to buy: You can purchase the cards from the staff at La Cantina. All cards have an unlimited period of validity.

Go a Step Further with Beer Tours

If you want to your giftee to enjoy more than just the taste of beer, gift them an unforgettable experience. Depending on your budget and the giftee’s interests, you can choose between different tours.

Beer & Pizza App Tour

Quick and easy, this is a tour for the independent explorers. All they need is the Tasting Maribor app, and they’re good to go—anytime they want, for as long as they want. The app will guide them through town and the tasting will quench their thirst.


  • - Beer tasting at the beer fountain

  • - Sample 3 lager beers from a house brewery in the middle of the city centre, 3 Slovenian lager beers, and 2 European beers

  • - Choose your big pizza and pick among 50 different toppings

  • - Discover new beer flavours, such as the green house lager

  • - Enjoy a guided tour through Maribor’s medieval architecture and history with the help of the interactive map of all must-see attractions with pictures and (audio) descriptions

Even though this tour includes a walk through Maribor, it’s still very much relevant to locals. How many times do we allow ourselves to be tourists in our own town? A tour can help everyone gain a new perspective on the sights we walk past every day.

Where to buy: Book your tour here.The app is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play.

Beer Lover’s Paradise Guided Tour

Any fan of craft beer is guaranteed to have an amazing afternoon on this tour. A local guide will take the participants around town in a small group and introduce them to a broad range of interesting beer flavours. All your giftee needs to do is show up hungry and thirsty.


  • - Learn about the thriving craft beer business in Slovenia

  • - Sample 6 contemporary Slovenian craft beers and 3 lager beers from a house brewery in the middle of the city centre

  • - Snacks (bites + full dishes)

  • - Beer tasting at the 'beer fountain'

  • - Enjoy a personalised walking tour through the hottest local spots in a small group

  • - Discover new beer flavours

Where to buy: Book online here.

Experience Beer Brewing for a Day

Is your giftee interested not only in drinking beer but also in making it? Would they enjoy learning how all those wonderful flavours and aromas come into being? Many big breweries offer guided tours, but they rarely let people close enough to see the actual process of brewing. Pivovarna Maribor decided to do things a little differently and let visitors experience beer brewing up close.

This is less of a tour and more of a full-day experience. The package includes:

  • - Brewing beer at Pivovarna Maribor microbrewery

  • - Snack and lunch at La Cantina Center (10 x 3 dcl)

Where to buy: More information here, booking by arrangement.

We’re sure these are better than your typical six pack. What do you think? Have we helped you decide what gift to give your beer-loving friends?

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