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Top 10 Things to Do in Maribor


Are you looking for the best things to do in Maribor? Wondering how to spend your day trip to town? We’ve compiled a list of must-see sights and top things to do in Maribor. Best of all, they are all within the city centre or else accessible on foot, so you can relax and enjoy your trip without having to worry about transport at all.

The Old Vine and the Old Vine House

Maribor is home to the oldest vine in the world that still bears grapes. For over 450 years, this žametovka vine has weathered fires, the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, and the arrival of phylloxera in the 19th century. Nowadays, the vine bears about 35 to 55 kg grapes every year. The harvest is the central event of the Old Vine Festival, which takes place every September. The wine from the old vine is used for ceremonial purposes only, but the Old Vine House—the house on which the vine grows—has a collection of other excellent local wines you can try. It also houses an exhibition about the Old Vine and offers a selection of souvenirs.

The annual Old Vine Festival. Photo: MP Produkcija. Source:

Main Square

Maribor’s Main Square used to serve as a market forum up until Wold War II. It’s framed by buildings from different periods and dominated by the Plague Column, which was made in the 18th century by a baroque sculptor Jožef Straub as a sign of gratefulness that the plague had passed. On the northern side of the square stands the renaissance Town Hall. The tower, built in the typical baroque fashion, was added later. Note that the tower is not aligned with the balcony below—rumour has it the master mason wasn’t paid the agreed fee and elected to exact revenge.

Other notable buildings on the square include the ex-casino on the corner by the Old Bridge, Restaurant and Hotel Maribor, which used to house Maribor’s first brewery, and the former pharmacy at Glavni trg 12. Buildings on the eastern side of the square were destroyed during the Second World War, and a multi-purpose building was erected instead.

Main Square: Plague Column and the former Čeligi Brewery.



Lent is the riverside part of Maribor and one of the oldest parts of town. In the past, it served as a haven for the rafters transporting wood and other cargo down the River Drava. The best way to explore Lent is to take a walk along the river from the Judgement tower on one end past the Old Vine to the Water tower on the other end. Both towers mark the edges of the old city walls.

This quarter has also lent its name to Maribor’s most famous festival, Lent Festival.

The remains of the old city wall in Lent.


Tasting Maribor Tours

If you’re wondering not only what to see in Maribor but also where to eat, consider booking a Tasting Maribor tour. A local guide will take you on a tour through the old centre of Maribor, point out the important sights, throw in a story here and there, and guide you through the Maribor’s foodie scene. All tours include the tasting of both drinks and local cuisine, so make sure you come hungry and thirsty.

More about the tours here.

Maribor Castle and the Regional Museum Maribor

A visit to the Regional Museum Maribor is a must for all museum lovers. Located inside the Maribor Castle on the Castle Square, the museum houses archaeological collections, ethnological collections, and art collections that provide a comprehensive overview of Maribor’s cultural and historical heritage. The castle dates back to the 15th century when it was built to reinforce the city wall. It was repeatedly expanded and adapted in the following centuries.

Find out more about the exhibitions and opening times here.

The Regional Museum Maribor is a great place to learn about the history of the town. Photo: Miran Kambič. Source:


Want to get your blood pumping? Piramida (Pyramid) is a small hill rising above Maribor and the place where the town’s history began. The name “Maribor” comes from “Marpurch”, the German name for the castle that was built on Piramida in the 12th century. A chapel marks the place nowadays. Piramida is an excellent location for a quick walk—it takes about half an hour to get from the city centre to the top of the hill.

Piramida is the birthplace of Maribor. Photo: Marko Petrej, Arhiv Zavod za turizem Maribor - Pohorje. Source:

Maribor Cathedral and the Bell Tower

Maribor cathedral offers another opportunity for you to stretch your legs—in the warmer months, you can climb 162 steps to the top of the bell tower, visit the exhibition about the life of the fire watch, and ring the wishing bell. On the ground, you can explore the conglomerate of gothic and baroque elements in the church or join for a service.

View of the Cathedral and the Bell Tower.


Maribor Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter

Jews lived in Maribor between the 13th and the 15th century. The Jewish Quarter is located right on the old city wall—the Jewish Tower is part of the wall itself. The Maribor Synagogue is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Central Europe and one of the only two in Slovenia. Today, the synagogue serves as a cultural venue. Discover more about the synagogue the programme of events here.

Five Organic Perils by Marjan Mirt in front of the Synagogue.


Escape Room Enigmarium

Escape rooms may not be on the typical agenda of most visitors, but they can add a dimension of excitement to your travel. The room called Dr. Hannibal takes you back to the times of the plague and lets you discover the history of Maribor through puzzles and riddles. Dr. Hannibal is the best-rated escape room in Slovenia.

Book your adventure here.

Maribor City Park

If you need a breather from sightseeing, the City Park is the place to go. Take a stroll down the promenade, feed the ducks at the Three Ponds, visit the Maribor aquarium and terrarium—it’s completely up to you. Whatever you do, this is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy the relaxing greenery around.

Pavillion in the City Park Maribor. Photo: Marko Petrej. Source:

Visiting Maribor with kids? Take a look at the best kid-friendly things to do in Maribor here.


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