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Top Outdoor Activities in Maribor


Discover the best outdoor activities in Maribor: visit Pohorje or Piramida, swim on Maribor Island, cycle along the River Drava and more.

Your trip to Maribor doesn’t have to be limited to the streets and squares of the old city centre, or touring museum and church interiors. Spending time outdoors can be a great way to recharge your batteries. So if you crave some time in nature or simply want to bring some variety to your trip, read on. Here are out top things to do outdoors in Maribor.

Visit Pohorje

Pohorje is a mountain range rising up above Maribor on the southwestern side of the city. The highest peak of the Maribor part of the range, called Bellevue, lies at 1050 meters above the sea and is accessible by cable car. Pohorje offers a wide range of activities all year round. Classics include hiking, cycling, horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding in winter, and gathering mushrooms or chestnuts in autumn. The more adventurous visitors can choose between downhill mountain biking, paintball, Pohorje Jet summer sled, or a visit to the Altitude Polygon. Various wellness centres at the foot—or on top—of Pohorje offer a chance to relax after a full day of activities, and there is no shortage of mountain huts if you need to grab a drink or a snack on the go, or simply want to lie back and enjoy the sun on your skin.

Find out more about the activities on Pohorje here

Pohorje is a popular hiking destination in Maribor. Photo by Denis Janežič.


Enjoy the view from Piramida

If you enjoy nature but a longer hike is not your thing, Piramida (Pyramid) is ideal for you. This low hill next to the City Park is the birthplace of Maribor. A castle was built on top of the hill in the 12th century, and the town slowly developed around it. In the 18th century, the castle was torn down and a pyramid erected out of its remains. Today, the pyramid is gone as well—a chapel stands atop the hill instead and a vineyard dominates the slopes. A walk from the city centre to the chapel should take you about 30 minutes and reward you with a stunning view of the city.

Follow the Maribor Wine Route

A trip down the Maribor Wine Route is an excellent option for all the wine-lovers out there. The route starts at the Old Vine in Maribor, then sets out towards Kamnica, and leads all the way to the edges of Slovenske gorice hills. Typical for the vineyards along this route are white wines: Laški rizling (Welschriesling), Chardonnay, Rulandec, Silvaner, Riesling, and Moscato Giallo. Stop at as many farm tourisms and wineries along the way, and enjoy your glass of wine to the fullest.

More information and a map available at TIC Maribor.

Dive into the swimming pools on Maribor Island

Maribor Island is a natural land mass on the River Drava about 5 km from the centre of Maribor that formed through continuous deposits of river sediments onto the base of marine marl. The island is protected as a natural site and is home to many different species of plants and birds. The biggest attraction, however, is the open swimming pool complex on the island. Open in the summer, the pools present the opportunity for a refreshing dip into the water during the hottest days of the year.

Cycle down the Drava Bike Road

The whole Drava Bike Road is 710 km long and spans across four countries, following the river from its spring in Italy to Croatia where the Drava joins the Danube. Visit nearby towns or tackle the more demanding part of the road with a climb to Lovrenc na Pohorju—you can make your cycling trip as easy or as challenging as you like.

Find more about specific parts of the road here.

Drava Bike Road in Maribor.


See a different side of Maribor from a SUP board

Have you heard of suping before? Have you tried it before? Suping stands for stand up paddle boarding. This is a fun sport that will challenge your centre of gravity but is relatively easy to master. Suping down the Drava simultaneously offers a unique view of the city from a fresh perspective and a complete break from the city hubbub, so why not give it a try?

You can book your SUP Tour on Drava with Banaway here

Relax in the City Park

Maribor’s City Park is another piece of nature right next to the centre of town. If you want to take a short break from the concrete and rest your legs from the sightseeing, you can relax under the trees, take a stroll down the promenade, or visit the Three Ponds on the northern side of the park. If you’re travelling with children, you can take them to the playground in the park or explore the Maribor Aquarium and Terrarium with them.

Enjoy the greenery in the City Park.


Get your blood pumping in Adventure Park Betnava

Adventure Park Betnava is ideal for the adventurous among you who aren’t quite ready to enter an adrenaline park.  Located inside the Betnava forest, the tracks vary in length and difficulty. The easiest track runs 1 meter above ground and is completely kid-friendly. The hardest track in 8 meters high and restricted to patrons 16 and over. You can choose to skip certain tracks or try them all, but don’t be surprised to find you’ve worked up a sweat. 

If you enjoyed the fresh air and want to explore the town as well, we've gathered some suggestions for you here. If you're an advenurous spirit and enjoy a good adrenaline rush, take a look here.


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